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Kay p
Journey of life
Life is unexpected!

I have so much experiences of life up to now. " In terms of bad experiences, I had number of points to talk but If it comes to good experiences, I don't really have much to talk about." We all have heard people saying this. Although, it is a common thing but i feel we all have Sorrows and Happiness in a balanced way in our lives which we actually do not see. It is the situation which make us feel that if i were at your place i might fix my problems. However, when we really at a bad situation, we do not use patience and make the right efforts which is required for the situation. People do not understand the value and reason of their existence and i have some points to write in a brief.

Firstly, When we are child, we have some issues which we don't actually feel a burden, as our parents are there to handle every situation and we always think our childhood was the best time because i did not have this much problems which is actually true at some point of time.

Secondly, When we are young or teenage, we have different kind of problems which we think are the biggest one to handle. Furthermore, we get so emotional because of those problems and feel more than the actual situation is. May be because of our hormonal changes. Even though we wanted to reach to the young life when were child, but now we want to go back to the childhood days.

Thirdly, When it comes to the middle age, we think that our teenage was still better as we did not have this much responsibilities and problems to face. We always wish if we could understand that time, We could not have regrets now.

Finally, When we are in are old age , we think no matter what stage of life it was, I just want to go back as we have more responsibilities and physical problems plus disabilities of doing anything by ourselves.

In conclusion , Life is short and we do not understand our self except complaining and crying over the spilt milk.
May 26, 2020 11:27 AM
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Kay p
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