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Spanish native speaker and English student
Hi everyone!
I hope you are good and safe in this particular moment! 

I'm from Argentina, I would like to help you practise Spanish and be able to practise English too.
I'm new in this platform and I hope to know new people.

Thanks (or "gracias").
27. Mai 2020 16:00
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Hello! I'm Francesca, i m looking for Someone to talk in spanish, i'm italian but my english Is fluent, hit me up if you wanna talk :)
27. Mai 2020
Hey Debora! I'm currently practicing my spanish so I'd be happy to do a learning Exchange Spanish/English (native speaker).
27. Mai 2020
I would like to practice english
27. Mai 2020
Hi, im new here too
I would like to learn Spanish and practice English as well!

27. Mai 2020
Hi.I am also new here.It will be helpful for me to have a english conversation group. Thank you.
27. Mai 2020
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