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Richard-Business Eng
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An intermediate level vocabulary quiz... give it a try

27. Mai 2020 17:16
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I scored 10/10 I would expect any native English person who attended school to know these and to score the same or similar say 8/10 correct.
I would say any person claiming to be a qualified teacher or a teacher that has certificates to be able to score a minimum of 8/10, any less and they should not be teaching claiming to take students to a high level in any exams. They may still be able to assist learners with basic English.

The questions should be very easy up to about question number 7 for any native or qualified person claiming to have a modest vocabulary.

In my humble opinion.

Does not apply to community teachers they only claim to be native speakers wishing to assist.
27. Mai 2020
9/10. Thank you, Richard!
28. Mai 2020
28. Mai 2020
10/10 ... wish the list was longer and some more complicated words were mixed in =}
27. Mai 2020
27. Mai 2020
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