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Verb to meet
can we use the verb “to meet” talking about meeting online?
For example, “I would like to ... before meeting (online)”. Is this correct?

Thank you
May 27, 2020 5:43 PM
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Like Marcelo said, yes, it can be used for online.

I just wanted to add that "meet" for "encontrar" only applies to people. I sometimes see language learners write when talking about traveling, "I want to meet other cultures", and this doesn't work in English. We would say "encounter" in this case.
May 27, 2020
Claro que si , pero ojo si lo usas como verbo y no como sustantivo debes ponerle un sujeto .

Before meeting you ... bla bla...

Si lo usas como sustantivo dirias :

Before our meeting ... Before the meeting , etc .

Aunque el encuentro es online sigue siendo un encuentro ... hoy por hoy es lo mismo .

May 27, 2020
You didn't supply much context to your question, but if you are already exchanging with someone, for example by message or email, it could sound odd to say "before meeting online". It wouldn't sound precise because you would already have "met" them to a degree via text exchanges. You could say:

Do something before our video call
Do something before our first meeting (this is ok because a "meeting" would be understood to be something that is scheduled.)
Do something before we skype.

But if there had been very little prior communication, a student could say, for example,
"Thank you for accepting my lesson request. I look forward to meeting you."

June 4, 2020
So, you want to say you are interested to meet other people (online) from other cultures? Yes, it's a legit way to say it. It's the same as in person.
June 3, 2020
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