Food or beverage from your own country / culture ...nobody else like it
Sometimes people is fond of local food and beverages that oustide their country nobody understand or like it. I´m talking about food like the Australian Vegemite or the Scotish Haggi for example.

Do you have anything like this from your country ?

Thanks for sharing
May 27, 2020 6:36 PM
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"Saures Lüngerl" - a Bavarian dish, made of pork & veal lungs, finely slices into short strips, cooked with onion and parsley with some sour cream, typically served with a stale bread dumpling.

P.S.: And as always thanks to my devoted downvoting followers =}
May 27, 2020
@Marcelo, I'll never find out; if it smells like a turd it's not going in my mouth, no matter what praise others may sing =D

P.S.: And "bon appétit" to the downvoting eater of turds =}
May 28, 2020
Thanks Barbara !! ... ...LOL
May 27, 2020
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