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How to bulletproof yourself?
I’d like to think I can improve myself, l said after morning’s yoga class with a heavy sigh.
But the truth is the question, can I accept myself as I am? I was a bit of lost cause.
Sound similar?
Maybe you ever said it yourself. But here’s the thing...
However I currently feel about myself, my feelings, my body or my natural ability. I can and will develop the ability to effortlessly accept myself better. 
Sounds good, doesn’t it?
I need to be open to the idea that accepting myself better is possible. Sometimes I have become used to the idea that my body, my feelings are a lost cause and my self-esteem is flow down. 
Before I get started about this I need to learn one of the key principles of good self-esteem that can save me hours, months and years of my life , and a lot of frustration. 
The first step to a successful is choosing what to do, what to learn, what kind of people to surround myself with. If I’m not careful I can spend all my time doing things I’ll never need.
On the flip side if I choose a right way to myself there’s a clear shortcut to happiness. I have to be selective about this ❤️

May 28, 2020 12:40 AM
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