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Lisa Dukes
So, in about two weeks, my university classes are ending. I would like to host a code switching event especially for native speakers of Portuguese and Arabic. I don’t have a lot more room left in my schedule for more language partners but I will be happy to host an event for people from these two regions of the world to practice their English with a native English speaker. For those of you from their regions, I can organize a similar event for you at a later date during the summer. So, I will create a zoom link and send it to you if you are interested in joining. Please bring 4 idioms in your native language and one native dish or picture of it to class. The first 15 people who are interested in joining this event can post an answer to this discussion and then send me a private message.The event will be on June 5 at 12 pm Pacific Standard time.If you see that this event had 15 posts but are interested in participating, I will create another one in the weeks to come. Please respond to this post if you want to do some code switching and also practice English!
May 28, 2020 2:06 AM
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Lisa Dukes
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