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Florian K.
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If you will change your career….
 People change their jobs for different reasons, some would say they do it for financial reasons and some for personal growth. I think that changing one’s career is an interesting journey. I was a nurse before and I remember how nervous I was the first time  I had an online lesson 7 years ago. My supervisor did not give me formal training and I literally learned while doing the job. There is a sense of excitement that I felt, at the same time a little bit of fear.

            Recently, I talked to a lot of people who work in digital marketing, product management and analytics. I found myself baffled and at the same time extremely interested in their industry. I think because it is a different challenge and when you have been doing a job for so long, you need extra challenges to keep you up your toes.

            Now, my question is, If you change your career,what would you choose and why?
Do you think trying out several jobs improves you on a personal and career level?

May 28, 2020 2:35 AM
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No jobs are perfect, everyone thought that others job are better than them. But it's not true at all. When you practically do something you realise the true scenario about that. So we should focus on what we are already working for instead of looking at others.
I strongly believed that no job is bad if we did this job honestly and lawfully.

I am always trying to find out how to improve my level of efficiency so that I could achieve my goals and make my employer proud for me. I will be very happy if you correct my comment as it will help to learn the language better.
May 28, 2020
@Mantaty I think that your job is also something that requires skills and it is also difficult. Although of course, education is important, I think that we can learn new skills even without the degree. In my country, we have curriculum online where you can get a certificate for a new skill learned. It can be cooking, baking or other skills.
May 28, 2020
May 28, 2020
Hi Florian
At the moment I don't have a special job ,but my last job is cashier at the grocery store I worked there for 12 years and in my experience sometimes i got frustated staying here for long time but yeah like you said i do it for financial reasons because i don't have special skill i mean i just only in high school because in my country it's not easy too get better job when you only in hs .
May 28, 2020
Any change in your personality that takes you to a new journey is a great sign that you are a live.

Being out of your comfort zone by Changing a career means having a challenge that will keep you learning and stimulate your courage to face all the fears of failure. This kind of boldness will create a deep effect in your personality and will take an action in all of your further decisions.
May 28, 2020
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