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find Chinese-English language partners⌯'ㅅ'⌯
I am Li,a Chinese college student.
I would like to improve my spoken English!if you want to learn Chinese,I will teach you,we can help each other
I also want to make friends in this app.It is excited and fun.

29 de may de 2020 3:53
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Would you like to be my friend,we can help each other to improve speaking!
29 de Mayo de 2020
Hi!I'm a native English speaker and I'm learning Mandarin Chinese! I would be interested in being your language partner. 😊

29 de Mayo de 2020
I had talked with a language partner from Europe twice.But he has strong accent and on account of my poor vocabulary,I usually can not understand his meaning.however,it is nice to meet and have a chat with him
1 de Junio de 2020
Can we study together?
31 de Mayo de 2020
today I talked with two language partners!
they are so nice and patient!!
30 de Mayo de 2020
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