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Remind or remember?
There are differences in meaning and use. Do you know them?
May 29, 2020 8:18 AM
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please remind me to remember later
May 29, 2020

Sure Nathan, here we go:

A) to remember

1) If we remember someone or something, we keep that person or thing in our mind or we bring that person or thing back to our mind:

Eg: I remember when we used to study in the library together.

Eg: I suddenly remembered that I had left the cake in the oven.

2) Remember to + infinitive means that we don’t forget to do something:

Eg. Remember to disconnect the tv aerial when there's a storm.

B) to remind

1) If a person or thing reminds you of someone or something, they make you think of that person or thing, or they resemble that person or thing:

Eg: That songs reminds me of when I was a teenager.

2) If we remind someone to do something or about something, we make them remember it or help them not to forget it:

Eg: He’s probably forgotten he was supposed to be pick up the shopping at 6. Shall I ring him and remind him?

Eg: I have an awful memory so this morning I tied a knot in a handkerchief to remind myselt it is my friend's birthday.

Now try using them in different situations:)
May 29, 2020
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