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Som (সোম)
What is the opposite of a fan?
No, not the thing that creates air currents but the other one which translates to aficionado in Spanish. What is the antithesis of that, if at all there is any such thing? I ask because I seem to have (at least) one here on iTalki, a downvoter who downvotes anything I write, including the blandest and most innocuous statements.

Inveterate downvoters of course downvote whatever they can get their blessed thumbs on. If they choose to sour their own lives by living such persistent dislikes, that's their prerogative. I've never really understood anonymous downvoting, I merely find it a somewhat amusing mystery. It's an even greater mystery where they find the time to hang around for a specific person to write something so that they can downvote it. Does anyone know why such people (the anti fans) do what they do?

I'm waiting for this post to be downvoted by our active thumb downer even as I ask the others the raison d'etre of this type. There have been posts on this topic before, so I know that I'm not the only hot favourite of the anti fan(s). I rather like them for what they do, TBH. After all, negative recognition is still recognition. Isn't that better than obscurity?
May 29, 2020 6:49 PM
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I think it's better not to give them the attention that they crave. I don't care about downvotes because they get balanced out and if not, so what? I have better things to do to think about such disturbed people. I met my fair share of trolls and it's just best to ignore them by all means.
May 29, 2020
@Som, sometimes people know that people will be offended by their post. Sometimes the posts are so openly offensive that they deserve downvoting without explanation. Also, such an explanation is usually given by other participants in the discussion. The downvoting in such cases is valid for me. (I am sure they will downvote me for this post!)
May 29, 2020
@Som, I guess that these are people whose English level doesn't allow them to participate in the discussions. They may understand but are not able to write well. Maybe there is nobody to help them, and that is why they are doing this. I have no other explanation.

@Alice, there are so many ways to receive help on Italki. Actually, I do not understand all this moaning about help here. Also, studying a language is a very long process, and no teacher can ever explain all the rules, or all the vocabulary, and so on to a student. It is unrealistic to expect from a teacher, from a language partner, or from whoever it is to do your job.
May 29, 2020
Yes Som, hate is a strong emotion, but you should hear hater in a tone of American facetiousness — “here come the haters”, and so on.
May 29, 2020
Ah, how nice. We seem to have attracted our downvoter as expected. Kalina and Miriam, you too have attracted her / his ire, evidently. Both of you were instantly downvoted.

Edit: Miriam, what you say is the best known troll medicine - attention starvation. They thrive on the attention they get by their antics and can't survive if they are ignored.
May 29, 2020
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