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How do you motivate yourself.....((Please share your experience or thought)
How do you motivate yourself to be......
(Please share your experience or thought about the following topic(s), I would really love to hear your sharing.)
1.    Self-discipline
2.    Stay Positive
3.    Achieve your goal
4.    Passionate to improve yourself

All the opinions from you are remarkable, and I would like to drop down your points as a summary.
1.Timetable & no excuses
2.Buying stuff
5.Imaginary meetings
6.Meditating & well planning
May 30, 2020 8:41 AM
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Everyone is already motivated in my opinion.

I think 🤔 💭 that how well you stay on track depends on the factor of how bad do you want to achieve something.

Are you willing to do what you have to do in order to achieve or will you let it slip away?

Staying positive is a choice and some people don’t realize this. Good things happen and bad things happen but you have the choice of staying positive regardless of the situation.

However some people may not recognize this due to cultural beliefs or ideas 💡.

Everyone is disciplined, look at your daily habits. You do these without thinking - automatically like a robot 🤖. So I think that discipline is already inside of you but you have to choose what to put your discipline towards.

Passion comes from enjoyment in my opinion. I say this because many of us are all interested in many things but why do some of us continue to develop our hobbies or talents? Because of a passion in those areas. Or out of necessity to survive A BURNING DESIRE.

Whatever you want to accomplish in this life I wish you the best.

With a little time, patience, and consistency anything is possible my friend.

Good Luck

May 30, 2020
Good afternoon...first of all thanks to invited us to sharing our experience. now let's start is much necessary being punctual in your lfe, without making discipline you can't achieve any goals in your my self- discipline .i have made my daily roaster and strictly follow that, for example when i have to get up, taking shower, breakfast, leave for job...etc. my life is organise. so wo must set our time table according our daily assignments. i always stay positive. sometime someone tells me negative about politices, celebrity, boss, organization ....etc, then l avoid the all things and adopt only positivity. as you know God has given us tow ears, as we heard any negative thing then just pass by other ear. so stay positive, be success. don't find negative things to others, or else you will be waiste your life as life is too short. just concentrate your life and do. life will not be got again and do good for others, God will do good for you. if you want to achieve your goal be honest, be humble, be punctual, be positive, be optimistic....etc. here i mention one quote, " if you want to get anything, there are always ways and if you don't want, there are always excuses". so dedicate your self what you want.. that day is not far when you achieve your goal. time is not permit me to discuss more so by have a good day...
May 30, 2020
@U U
That's right. I talk to myself. I remind myself why I want to do a certain thing. I set myself a realistic goal. The responsible and irresponsible part of me are in agreement but as soon as the responsible Nikola looks away, the irresponsible one, just like a little child, goes and plays instead. Luckily, this doesn't apply to my job. It's usually only things I do for my own sake (to advance in life) that I neglect.
June 5, 2020
I motivate myself and stay positive by meditating ever morning. It truly helps and on the videos I have watched they do explain the importance of meditating and having a quiet moment with yourself. At that moment, I get time to plan out my goals for the day and near future goals.

Self-discipline - I plan out my tasks for the next day before going to sleep and I have a to do list.

Spoiling yourself when you achieve a task boosts the drive to go on too.

June 5, 2020
A journey of thousands miles begins with one step..
Never give up
Meditation or yoga is the best part of feel energetic :)
June 5, 2020
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