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Hello! I am confused about translation of this phrases and sentences. Can you help me?

كانت تعول رياحها
كانها مردة الجحيم
تلذع وجوه الناس مثل حد المواسي
المجنون لا يؤاخذ
قد أشرف على الاربعين وقطع سن الامل والنشاط
ونظر فاذا الذين هم دونه سنا وعلما قد بلغوا بالوساطات والشفاعات المرتبة الخامسة والرابعة
May 30, 2020 1:24 PM
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انا من مصر وبقولك الكلام العربي ده صعب جدا ده اللهجة القديمة بتاع العصر الجاهلي

May 30, 2020

I assume that the first 3 sentences are all related to each other and probably follow each other in order. Therefore, I'll translate them as they are all related.

1) In the first sentence the word "تعول" doesn't right to me. It might've been copied wrong and instead it was "تعوي". I'm still not sure though, but the sentence is somehow meaningless if you keep the word "تعول" there.
2) It "probably referring to the wind if this sentence came after the first sentence" looks/sounds like devils burning in hell.
3) In the third sentence the word "المواسي" is meaningless and probably copied/translated wrong. Overall, the sentence means: the hot wind is burning their faces from a distances. The word "تلذع" here means to get the heat of the fire even without any physical contact as it's so hot.
4) The fourth sentence means: A mentally deranged person isn't held accountable for his/her acts/behaviors.
5) The fifth sentence means: He's nearly at his 40's, and this the age of hope and vitality is almost over.
6) In the sixth sentence, the phrase "قطعوا الوساطات" seems to be translated inaccurately. However, the rest of the sentence might mean: He looks around at those younger than him and noticed how they've outcompeted him.
7) The last sentence isn't a full sentence, and it's meaningless by its own.
May 30, 2020
Hello, Michalina.. could you provide us with the context ?
May 30, 2020
1- ( The ship ) was depending on the climatic changes ( wind )
2- It is like tyrants from the Hell.
3- People's faces will be mutilated like with the knives edges
4- The crazy won't be punished
5- He is nearly at the age of 40 and passed the age of hopes and activities
6- Those who are less than his age and knowledge reached fourth and fifth grades through mediation and intercession.

Note:- This is an approximate translation without knowing the context.
May 31, 2020
My mother tongue is arabic but these words have a deep meaning because the arabic classical so difficult no any one can understand it well
May 30, 2020
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