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Short Poem Challenge No. 3
Let's have one more...

Write a short poem in any language you want. All of the following things must appear in it:

<ul><li>an insect</li><li>a reference to one of the five senses</li><li>an onomatopoeic word</li><li>an item of clothing</li><li>an unexpected ending</li></ul>

If you spot any mistakes, feel free to provide the authors with corrections in a comment or in a PM. For poems written in a language other than English: If you add an English translation, more people might enjoy your poem.

Have fun!
May 30, 2020 6:53 PM
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A grasshopper came jumping by
That’s how we started; you and I
I was there for your every moan
From moans and groans a bond had grown
The grass-green jacket, what a sight
A grasshopper could never bite…
I was another kind of green
You were about to vent your spleen
I was about to lose my head
Thinking I knew you, but instead

You were - and that’s where I was wrong - 
A praying mantis all along.
May 31, 2020
Along with my favorite song did I hum,
When suddenly I felt something on my sock.
I thought this weird since was leg was numb.
Suddenly, I then saw the bee on the clock.

I knew that I did not like bees;
That was the case since I was eight.
To the bee, said I “Go away please.”
But alas, this meeting was certainly fate.

I sensed it landing on my neck.
I swatted and then it took off,
Only to come to rest on my deck.
This clearly deserved no laugh.

I smacked and I whacked;
It quickly took flight.
Good, it was gone at last.
Once again, something wasn’t right.

The bee came flying right at me;
I guess it did make sense, you see,
Since I was listening to “Flight of the Bumblebee”.

May 30, 2020
Ein Geschenk des Himmels

Here’s a story with quite a buzz.
The gift isn’t any multicolored coat.

I received a simple gift.
A simple, but very precious gift.
I learned a three year-old is smart.
A three year-old taught me what adults could not. She showed me God in a new light.
I learned what God cares most about;
I learned why He values the young.
A three year-old and God aren’t far apart. They both look at me and see past the skin.
My slow meandering gait scares them not, Yet they are quite fascinated by it.
They value me for who I am,
Not what I have become.
They don’t see this poor shell of a man; They see underneath at my heart.
They see what I could become;
They urge me to grow towards that.
They picture me as a reptile moulting its’ skin;
I’m a caterpillar ready to blossom to that new thing.
They wait in deep anticipation for the butterfly. They want to see just what colors I’ll shine.
They’ll sit and wait patiently for me to emerge.

Fifteen years later I’ve only started to emerge.
But, in the meantime I’ve watched the three year-old emerge into an adult.
And, that has been yet another wonderful gift.
May 30, 2020
My English poem
unfortunately has only one of
the two common onomatopoeic words.
Boom sounds like a bomb
the other word onomatopoeically sounding
is crash when a thing crashes
but not my computer that always quietly crashes.
it comes to a catastrophic halt
the meaning of crash
the crash that happened to me
when a wasp stung my bum
through my pants
on highway 63
i did not see the eyes
of the police man
as I splattered him to the tarmac
on christmas eve
it's a shame the other staff
at the station
received their presents
but not he.

-- Even I had to refresh my memory to make sure I got onomatopoeic correct
a word that mimics the thing it is supposed to be, now, you can all join in even learners.
May 30, 2020
Once I get back to my computer you’ll see an official entry from me.
May 30, 2020
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