My first essay. What do you think about it?
Hi everyone! This is my 1st time when I've tried to write the essay. I have B1 level and I'm not sure that my grammar is correct but I really wanted to try it

Nowadays, due to faster changing world, some people think that school or college are not useful for keep up new knowledges and life experience. This is a really important and interesting questions for education system and upbringing. However, I can agree partly with this statement because I can not refuse importance education at school, college or university.
In my opinion that we acquire the most important things in life at school and college or university such as skills of communications, friendship and making decisions. For most people, education is only about subjects or opportunity for their career because of this people think that school or college are not important for their life because not everyone want to learn special subjects such as biology, math, physics or chemistry, not everyone want to become a biologist, chemist. In spite of that we can not refuse that education get us more skills such as literacy, numeracy, physics education. This is basic knowledges for every person for overall development. According to the article I have recently read we need to learning for developing our brain, thus, we create new neural connections and it is important for our health. I think that importance of education the same. This is developing for our brain, health and identity.
Furthermore, in my view school or college learn us such things as negotiation skills, leadership development. For example I acquire a lot of useful things at university, I have learnt to set a goals and tasks and carry it out. In addition to that life in school, college or university are not only about studying, we should not to forget about a public life. We can meet people for our future business for example a lot of famous businessman such as Steve Jobs, Mark Zuckerberg and others have met a partner in university and then they create a new companies. I believe that student environment is important thing for our developing and career. 
In conclusion we can see the many pros of study at school or college and university but if we face with a such discussions about useful or useless education, this indicates that the modern education system is not perfect and we should discuss problems and find solutions. We live in a constantly changing world, we must continually learn and acquire new knowledge if we adapt and keep up with changing events.
May 30, 2020 8:51 PM
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I find really interesting your essay, congrats @Anastasia
May 30, 2020
long essay with enormous mistakes (articles, punctuation,grammar) is it academic or general exam
May 30, 2020
Thank you so much @P_G_M!
May 30, 2020
Its amazing... Are u on facebook???
May 30, 2020
Hi Heuce! I'm doing well :D
How are you?
May 30, 2020
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