Which hobbies I liked to do until I got to the army.
One of my hobby was a boxing.
When I was 17 old I had my first training. After I trained there ,I understood, I like this stuff and I started to train three times a week.
First what we did with guys there, was stretch. If you don’t want to get a trauma you just necessary make a stretch. Usually for 20-30 minutes we played in the football or basketball. And after we was a warm, our boxing train is starting. All train was very funny and useful for body. We did a lot of exercises to be more fast, strong and smart. We did exercises with heavy balls, dumbbells, rubber bands, and another stuff to prepare ours agility. We spent a lot of time running. And after all agility stuff we did a lot of sparrings with ours partners of team.
A lot of guys who trained there had a good opportunity to go to the competition and show yourself what he can do.
Our trainer was an old, strict, Soviet Boxer which showed us a lot of grate tricks and could to give you an smart, good advice, not only about boxing.
Now in the army I don’t have a place and opportunity to train the boxing. What I wish in the future, I want again come back to boxing and continue to do what I like.

May 31, 2020 10:07 PM
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