Honestly, are you happy?
Last year, I was watching the final match in Rome Open between Nadal and Djokovic. The stadium was stacked and heaving with people. Millions of people were watching the match all around the world. 
As a tennis fan, you know it's going to be a fiercely competitive match at any day let alone being the final match. You literally cannot blink.
I was watching the match on TV, and  I had my mind completely melted. I started sweating like I was the one on the court. The TV remote control turned into a racket, and I was emotionally swinging with every shot.

Later, at a nail-biting moment, the cameraman turned the camera to show one of the fans being busy taking selfies. I was stunned for a minute. I couldn't believe that someone would sit there and have his mind somewhere else. After the end of the match, I had a flashback of that moment, and I wasn't able to swallow that fan's act. I wasn't able to comprehend the desperation that some people have to post selfies on social media rather than enjoying the moment. 
I thought that person was a fool, and he was trading the joy of the moment for the joy obtained from others' impressions, and he was enslaved by social media. You can't miss such a legendary moment for few likes on Instagram! 

What is happiness
Isn't what YOU feel? 
Since when it became what OTHERS feel about you having fun?

Jun 1, 2020 6:24 PM
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@Abdulmajid boy !! so you are a tennis fan like me ?? please tell me you don`t support "Garrafa" Nadal . I am Roger´s fan and hate Rafa : )
I would "kill" to get a ticket for a normal tennis match I cannot imaging what would do to get a ticket to a final so I totally understand your feelings towards this instagrammer.

There are some people that goes to a tennis match only for the social event , they don´t have a real interest in the game but just on the gathering and the exposure to the media. You can see very attractive models or rich people dressing like going a cocktail or wedding party while you might be watching the same match on a illegal website with poor streaming on an old latpot.

For those people that is happiness , for me is just watching how Roger wins again or for the last time ... so everyone has their personal heaven and I cannot care less... be happy amigo .
June 2, 2020
Hey @Marcello :)

I'm a huge tennis fan since a very early age. I grew up as a fan of Federer, and later I started to became a Nadal's fan. There're two tennis championships here, and I always make sure to get my tickets when Federer and Nadal take part. 
Federer is a legend and probably the best ever to grip a racket. However, I appreciate hard work so much, and that's why I started to root for hard worker and underdog players over talented players. 
I think that was a transition in thinking.
I still enjoy watching both players, but when they play against each other I root for Nadal. He's like a machine and a freak athlete, whereas Federer is a pure talent. 
Overall, I have a tremendous respect for both players. 

June 2, 2020
Thanks @Beth I couldn't have said it better myself
June 2, 2020
@Abdulmajid, I absolutely agree that happiness can only come from inside. Too many people think it can be acquired, externally; that people, things, experiences will bring them happiness. But it is a spark within us, and only we can make it shine. And that is why it is so subjective and, often, elusive.
June 2, 2020
Happiness is a difficult concept. Maybe the guy taking selfies was less into the match and more the occasion (many people go to sports events to be seen or say they went then for the sport itself), and that made him happy. As humans we often search our whole lives for happiness and never find it. Sometimes we only know what it was after it is gone. What we call "happiness" is often not that at all; it's momentary gratification, or the feeling generated by creating a facade of happiness. Personally, my feelings of "happiness" have all been at what you would think are insignificant things. I would call it a sense of connectedness with the inner self reflected by what surrounds me at that moment.
June 1, 2020
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