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What is your favourite dish?
Hello! Do you like to have a good meal? I do!
Meal is pleasure for me. When I was a child my favourite meal was unpeeled boiled potatoes with butter or oil. I added the butter to the hot potatoes and the butter melt.
My favourite dish for now is pasta carbonara and also I like different seafood like mussels, shrimps and calamaries.
What about you? Do you like to have a good meal? What is your favourite meal?
Jun 2, 2020 10:49 AM
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I'm confused between scalloped potatoes and chicken Alfredo pasta, but either one will make my day way better :)

June 2, 2020
Another idea, for you, Is spaghetti allo scoglio... It's not a simple meal to prepare.
Here a link to an Italian site:

June 2, 2020
have you ever tried pasta cacio e pepe?
Spaghetti or short pasta, with pecorino cheese (from sheep) and black pepper.
Simple, fast but not foregone...
June 2, 2020
My two favorite meals since childhood are molletes : bolillo bread, beans, cheese and salsa and also chicken mole with rice and beans. Molletes are the perfect breakfast, I would always eat them before a test. I would also always ask for chicken mole on my birthday haha. Still love them both! Very simple and very tasty! :)
June 2, 2020
Potato omlet! <3
June 2, 2020
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