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What could be an interesting topic for this group?  so that everyone will reply and participate. $& $& $&mind telling me?$&
Jul 6, 2008 1:22 PM
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 go ma wo yo :)
July 23, 2008
Hello everyone >>>>

i fell in love with korean language when the first time i look korean drama full house.I like when they face angry is  so cute.In that story the song and word that they use is easy to remember.So i have decide that i will learn korean language until i can able to speak and write in korean.

My favourite word in korean drama full house is "Aja-Aja Fighting".I use it everytime i feel bad or sad or when i want to cheer my self..

Gom Se mari ga,
Han Ji Be is so,
Appa Gun,
Omma Gun,
Age Gun,
Appa Gumo Don Do GE,
Omma Gomo Nasine,
Age Gomo Nomo Giyowo
Usu-usu SARANDA...

Aja-Aja Fighting.....
July 22, 2008

hi,,,,,,,id begin inlove with korian when i had a favorite band like dbsk,shinee,ft island.....

and many others/// thats why i like to  learn korian language..~~~~``````

July 16, 2008
hello everyone !! 
i fell for hangeul thanks to "sad love song", the korean drama ^_____________^ i really loved the actor yun jung hoon who is sooo handsome and a great actor :) 
i loved "my name is kim sam soon" and i fell for hyun bin, i loved "bad love" in which kim sung soo was soooooo yebbuda :):) 
July 15, 2008
July 14, 2008
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