Hi guys, how you doing? How are your quarentine?
Jun 3, 2020 2:06 AM
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June 5, 2020
Here in southern Spain we're in phase 2 of "reopening", so unless you are in a vulnerable group you can do most things and meet in groups of up to 15, albeit with some restrictions. I read a report yesterday that said they estimated that only around 5% of the population actually contracted the virus and developed antibodies, which would mean that the threat of a second wave is quite real.
June 5, 2020
The lockdown has been reduced into a quarantine here in the Philippines so we could go out compared to before but there's a curfew. What's the point though of going out when most shops/stores are still closed? Almost everyone is still at home and they barely go out because they're afraid of catching the virus and many got used to staying at home already
June 5, 2020
now a days life is going back to its routine but maybe it will take time.
June 3, 2020
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