Social distancing and covidiots - words and expressions in connection with the Coronavirus pandemic
In the last few months we got used to using words and expressions that we haven't commonly used before (lockdown, superspreader, social distancing, flatten the curve) or that even didn't exist before the pandemic (covidiot). Here's an article about newly created word in English (I only knew "covidiot":

For those who are interested in the linguistic effects of the Coronavirus in German, I can recommend this page (in German):

What are words and expressions that you haven't used before the pandemic but are now very common in your native or target language? What words and expressions do you know that were created to describe a phenomenom of this pandemic?
Jun 3, 2020 8:07 AM
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It was used for people that, from their balconys during the strictest lockdown period, pointed out others because of their wrong behavior (not using masks, walking in groups together...), shouting and insulting them, calling the police and, the most extremists, even throwing eggs to the "criminals".
June 3, 2020
Thanks for sharing this word! I haven't heard it before.

Yeah, it's a strange feeling that one can now enter a bank with a mask which wasn't possible before.
June 3, 2020
I call desinfectatutti ( sanitise everything in Spanish / Italian ) to my wife, every time I come back from the supermarket she spray me all over my body with a water & bleach solution before I enter into the house. After that she orders me to sanitise every single item that I bought ... including the bananas.

My skin and hair are getting white ... this is not fair.
June 5, 2020
@Caballero Alberto
Thanks for sharing that! I guess the suffix -nazi is very productive to make up derogative names like grammar nazi and feminazi.

I just found this funny comic by Itchy feet about new Dutch words connected to Covid-19:

June 3, 2020
Are people still making Nazi jokes? Wow @Caballero Alberto! Maybe you should rethink the use of "caballero" en your name?
June 5, 2020
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