The Fox and The Lumberjack'' - Could you PLEASE check my translation? :)

There was a widow lumberjack that woke up at 6AM, he worked the entire day cutting logs, and he stopped just at night.
He had a recently born beautiful son and a fox, his friend, treated as an animal pet and it was of total trust.
Everyday the lumberjack went to work and left the fox caring his son. Every night when returning from work, the fox was happy with his arrival.
The neighbors warned that the fox was an animal, a wild animal, and therefore, was not reliable. They said that when the fox felt hungry she was going to eat the child.
The lumberjack always replied the neighbors that they were saying was a big crap. He said the that fox  is his friend and it never would do that.
But the neighbors insisted: ‘’Lumberjack, open your eyes! The fox will eat your son, when it feels hungry it will eat your son.’’ One day the lumberjack was very exhaust from your work and very tired of these comments, and when came home, he saw the fox smiling as always and with its mouth totally bloody. The lumberjack sweat cold and without think twice he hit the fox head with his axe.  When he entered in the room, shaking and in total despair, he found his son sleeping quietly and at the side of the baby crib there was a dead snake.
The lumberjack buried the axe and the fox together.
Moral of the story: If you trust someone, don’t care with anything the people think about it, follow always your path and don’t let anyone influence yourself. And mainly, never make hasty decisions.

Jun 3, 2020 11:58 PM
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