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What are the pros and cons of learning Italian?
As an Italian teacher, here are my pros and cons:

Pros: grammar-wise, Italian is among the most flexible and complex languages in the world. Being able to handle its grammar and structure will improve your ability to understand and speak other languages (not only the Latin ones), as the synapses in your brain will become much more elastic and sensitive;

- Italian culture CANNOT be grasped without mastering the language (and, about that, kudos to "you'll come through as culturally sensitive if you speak Italian");

Con: it is a difficult language to master.

👉 Pls, share your idea.

Jun 4, 2020 4:30 PM
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One more pros: you already know some Italian words. In many languages you can find borrowed Latin words.

June 4, 2020
One time I stumbled on an interview with an Italian lady. I understood a couple of sentences because some of the words were similar to Spanish, which I am learning. Her enunciation was so melodic. It almost made me want to learn Italian.
June 5, 2020
Cons: the verb conjugations are criminal esp. if you don’t speak any similar language. Why do nouns have to be gendered anyway??

Pro: You are able to speak the most beautiful language. This trumps all.
June 5, 2020
As you may be know we Russians like good discussion very much
Especially when it is "For all good things and against all bad things in the world "
So here is my 2 cents

Or you learn it for your professional life OR for fun

If it is for your professional life - just do it
If it is for fun - you should spend another 3-4 years everyday lessons . After some consideration may be it is not such a fun ... But people do strange things sometimes if they have some time, money or internal desires

Frankly it is absolutely uclear to me why people try to study Russian. You can speak more or less properly only after tough 5-7 years of learning. So I can see only 2 reasons for that - you have the desperate need to communicate with smbd or you would like to train your brain.


June 5, 2020
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