I'm interested in everything regarding or involved?
I'd like to know which is the best way to say that I'm interested in a particular sphere of something.

I'm interested in everything regarding technology...or.. I'm interested in everything involved in technology?

Are they both correct?
Jun 5, 2020 10:55 AM
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You can only be "involved in" an event; use "involved with" here instead. I would also use "anything" instead of "everything". Everything means all the things, anything means any of the things, but not necessarily all the things. When you're talking about a broad category like this, it's almost impossible for it to actually be everything, so anything is more accurate.

I'm interested in anything regarding technology.
I'm interested in anything involved with technology.

Some more:

I'm interested in anything to do with technology.
I'm interested in anything related to technology.
Technology interests me.
All technology interests me.

Example of "involved in" (the one I told you not to use here):
I was involved in a crime.
He was involved in the cooking at the barbecue.
Will you be involved in the school play next week?
<em>All of these are events or situations.</em>
June 5, 2020
Hi Antonella,

<em>regarding </em>is possible but not the best option. <em>involved in</em> is incorrect.
Try a phrase like <em>to do with</em> .

<em>I'm interested in everything to do with technology.</em>

All the best,
June 5, 2020
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