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What's something you're good/bad at? (practice modal verbs of ability)
Hi guys!

I used these questions in a lesson recently to work on modal verbs of ability and I thought they might make for a fun discussion! Answer the questions however you like, but if you're learning English and would like to challenge yourself, you could try using the modal verbs of ability like I have (see highlights).

I look forward to hearing about your talents!

What's something you're good at?
I'm pretty good at languages. I learned French when I was really young and since then I've found that I've been able to pick up new languages quite quickly. Obviously, it depends on the language and if you really want to learn a language properly you have to study it, but if I'm exposed to a new language I usually manage to learn the sounds in quite a short space of time. It's useful because it means that when I'm travelling I can use it as a kind of "ice-breaker" with the locals.

What's something you're bad at?
I'm really bad at directions. I've just never been able to retain that kind of information. Seville is a historic city with lots of really narrow streets and when I first moved there (before I had a smartphone), I just couldn't remember my way around. Nowadays, though, I have technology to help me. Thanks to google maps, I was able to get around York pretty quickly when I moved there last year. 
Jun 6, 2020 12:47 PM
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Thanks for this interesting discussion.

Something I'm good at:

I'm good at recycling to create new objects, learning languages and (teaching my toddler two languages) and becoming fluent, gardening, drawing and so on. I have acquired this habit of observing and learning how one person does an art/work/creation.

Something I'm bad at:

I can't remember any important dates (Birthday's, anniversaries...). I have tried to even put some small notes in a big cardboard calender frame to remind me. So far I can remember only a couple of important dates. Of course I remember my birth date haha..
June 7, 2020
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