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Positive affirmations
    I watched a video of a kid with his mother on Instagram, the young boy is just 3 years old. It’s not your ordinary video because the young boy was standing in front of a mirror and uttering the words, “I am enough and I am amazing”. The mother was filming the young boy and then the young boy said,”Mommy no phone please”. The mom said that they do this every morning.
The mom is actually a famous celebrity in my country and people asked her why she sets a morning ritual with her son despite her busy schedule. She said that in her industry, comparison can kill your confidence, especially in an industry that is all about physicalities. 

    I think that positive affirmations are extremely important, not just for kids but for adults. It makes us mentally strong and it helps us improve our self worth. This in turn will be good for our mental health and avoid serious repercussions such as suicide. Occasionally, we read about celebrities ending their life because cyber bullying and cyberbullying is extremely common nowadays.

Here are my favorite positive affirmations:
You can do it!
Finish what you started.
Tough times never last but tough people do.
What are some positive affirmations that you tell yourself?
Jun 7, 2020 7:38 AM
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Only a remark about the word construction of 'positive affirmation' itself: I wonder whether the term 'affirmation' does not already contain a positive meaning in its lexical core.
I think 'positive affirmation' is a tautology like 'sweet sugar' or 'terrible nightmare'. I understand why psychologists or psychotherapists emphasize the term 'affirmation' by adding 'positive'. They want to motivate patients with a low or completely destroyed self-esteem to think positively. I can also imagine that this term is used frequently in seminars or courses for self-motivation or therapy...

June 7, 2020
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