The resources I've used and their shortcomings
Hello everyone, I just thought I'd bring this up, maybe some people are looking for resources and would like to know the pros and cons of the different resources I've used, as I've just started learning Swedish.

Duolingo is one that you'll ALWAYS hear about. This is a fantastic resource for easy to use initial memorization and sentence structure. I'm STILL using it because I'm so new to Swedish that I get a ton of vocabulary out of the practice! However there's no real instruction, no way to play with the language, no way to experiment. There's not enough vocabulary in my opinion, it's heavily sentence structure based (which I actually appreciate). I definitely enjoy being forced to speak the language and record myself, but the recordings are lost once you continue.

I also use Swedishpod101 (Innovative Language). This is a very organized structured resource which has many many other languages just like Duolingo. I'm currently paying for this resource and it would be worth the money if they charge monthly, which they don't (they charge it all in one hit). This is a great way to keep you accountable for however long you choose to pay for, however spending $200 in one sitting for a resource is a tough decision to make (there are much cheaper options). I feel Swedishpod's organization and flashcards are definitely worth the resource, however their lessons start off too difficult. In my opinion, they throw in too much excess into the dialogue that we're not meant to understand. I expect they're doing this to get us used to the language, but it can be a little overwhelming when there's not enough grammar lesson to explain more than simply memorizing vocabulary will do. I have chosen not to give up this resource as it provides a certain organization, advanced lessons, and practice that other resources won't.

Lastly, I bought a very well liked textbook that has audio included! It's called Complete Swedish! For those learning other languages not Swedish, choosing a textbook that is well renowned in the community is A MUST! It is much more well rounded and includes the grammar and structure that the other resources don't. It's like an assistant to the audible resources I've chosen. And the exercises chapter by chapter help me practice writing and reading!

These resources are my go-to s as a beginner. I'm also in classes once a week. But I've found that classes (for myself) are better used to practice audibly what I already know and to expand on them. So I fill my week with LOTS of extra learning and come to class with new knowledge to potentially discuss. This also gets me to conversational a lot quicker!

I would still take an in-person class if I could, but Swedish is not studied in the Universities or educational programs in my area!

Comment with what resources you've used and how they've helped as well as which ones compliment the others well. Let's see who else is succeeding without that University teaching.
Jun 7, 2020 8:56 PM
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