Who of you want to go to work abroad ?
I've been working in England for a one year and it was the best experience in my life !

Do you guys plan to go to work abroad ? If so, where?
Is your English ready for that ;)

Jun 8, 2020 8:48 AM
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I lived in the USA for a year and moving to Asia soon I’m excited
June 8, 2020
I loved living in the UK for 11 years. It was great fun, and I really got to understand the culture! And some of the sub-cultures.
I also lived in Guatemala, but it was too hot for me to enjoy, unfortunately.
I think it broadens the mind and helps you to grow in character and humility.

June 8, 2020
Actually I have an experience working in 10 countries because I was an International Sales (ha-ha)

However there is a big difference of having 1 year trip to FEEL the world ( and then go back home) and Go to conquer the world ( usually for money or to grow your business there)
That's why I am asking ...

The UK is nice for new experience however I know many many people from the group #2 who have tried but failed to make a good business or even finish the university there .

So the answer could be - have clear goals ( business or pleasure) , get more information, be strong but have a nice plan B in your pocket
June 8, 2020
I'd love to visit some countries in the middle-east. Pyramids in Egypt, the Sahara desert... so many things rich in culture and history. it's beautiful.

Also, i've lived in England my whole life so travelling to somewhere a bit more dry and hotter would be refreshing. (always rains in the UK, hehe :D)
June 8, 2020
Well John... it was an extraordinary experience for me. New language, new culture(s). I'm this kind of guy who need to experience new things every now and then, regardless of what the situation in my country is. That's why I went there. It opened my eyes and changed my point of view. I’m not the same person since then. 
And I fell in love with British English there… I’ve heard it on the streets, in the cafes,  in my job. I desired to speak it and sound like people around me. Unforgettable experience… 

Have you been there ?
June 8, 2020
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