Which do you say ?
A strawberry is made in Japan.
Strawberries are made in Japan.

If you say first one, when would you say?
Jun 9, 2020 5:38 AM
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It will be grown, produced, cultivated, farmed, manufactured.
Or genetically engineered or modified in Japan during one of the processes above.
It depends on what you are trying to explain. the planting and growing, or the farming and harvesting, the harvesting and transporting [logistics] of getting the strawberries into shops, markets and supermarkets.
The cultivation on open fields modern methods or traditional methods, with or without chemicals, or in greenhouses, biospheres etc. Whether the strawberries are altered by genetics or selective breeding or cross breeding, grown wild or any other means.

Made is not the correct word that is for making machinery or cooking food cakes etc.
This distinguishes natives from non natives in this situation. A native is unlikely to say "strawberries are made in X" unless robot machines produce [make] them from nothing to start with. OUT OF THIN AIR
June 9, 2020
Masayuki san,

Either is a correct sentence as far as grammar.

"A strawberry is made in Japan." is a bit of an unusual statement. It is basically saying that (at least) one strawberry is made in Japan. Also usually in this case we would probably use the word grown in Japan rather than "made".

"Strawberries are made in Japan." seems to be fine and fits more circumstances. However, I think that the word grown rather than "made" would still work better. This generally would imply that there are strawberries that are "made" in Japan. However it could also imply that ALL strawberries are "made" in Japan.
June 9, 2020
You can say both. The second is more common and natural. The first will make you sound like you're reading a poem.
June 9, 2020
You would say "Strawberries are made in Japan." Although the verb "to grow" would be more natural sounding.
"Strawberries grow in Japan."
"Strawberries are grown in Japan."
June 9, 2020
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