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I'm sorry if it's been asked before, but I don't see a search function to check.

I am in Canada, and am having difficulties finding Ukrainian-language programming on Netflix.

Can anyone suggest any <em>Ukrainian-language</em> TV shows or films that they know are available online? When I do my own search, often times I will find <em>Russian</em>-language shows <em>from </em>Ukraine. As someone who is at A1/A2 Ukrainian, this confuses me at first and I can't tell the difference right away when I read the titles.

I am open to dramas, historical pieces, and comedies (as long as they're not childish or silly). Thanks in advance for your suggestions!
Jun 9, 2020 2:56 PM
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Hi Marlana, How are you doing?
You could add an extension called "hola free VPN" in google chrome navigator. You can change de country using programm. After that, you can watch movies/series in Netflix of any country

June 10, 2020
Can we communicate together to speak english?
December 14, 2020
And, yes Marlana, I guess you are right . If you mean "Слуга народа" on netflixx, it is in russian langauge
June 10, 2020
Oh, and 3 great documentaries about how russia is stealing the history of Ukraine

Україна. Повернення своєї історії 1

Україна. Повернення своєї історії 2

Україна. Повернення своєї історії 3
June 10, 2020
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