Phrases, verbs, and idioms that tend to mean the action of having a tendency.
to be inclined to, to be disposed to, to apt, to tend, to lean,to incline, to have a tendency, to show a tendency, to gravitate towards, to be likely, to be prone to, to have a tendency, to have a leaning, to have an inclination or in terms of noun; tendency, inclination, disposition...

We can easily find the definition of the above-mentioned verbs, phrases, idioms, and nouns on the internet. However, they seem to be interchangeable. However, I tend to believe there are some differences between them, which we can not use all of them instead of each other. I would appreciate it if somebody can explain the matter for me and all those who want to know.

Thank you

Jun 10, 2020 6:16 AM
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<ol><li>to be disposed to = to like favour/favor something or not to like favour/favor something or someone if used negatively.</li><li>inclined to = to think or believe something is correct.</li><li>apt= suitable or right for a particular situation : "apt to' is not the phrase it is just "apt" + "to" after, to fit in with the use of "to" in English.</li><li>TEND TO is different = to attend to -to care for although people do use it as an alternative for the others in the list.</li><li>lean to or lean towards = to be interested and likely to do something. "you are always in trouble with the police you seem to lean towards a life of crime, and associate with the wrong people"</li><li>gravitate towards or gravitate to = be attracted to something or someone. "Mr jones likes to visit seedy bars and night clubs, he gravitates towards the downtown area every Friday night"</li><li>be prone to prone towards = likely to suffer from an illness or sickness or habitual obsession like drugs, alcoholism, cancer etc due to genetics or social conditions etc.</li><li>
You can see that although many people use them interchangeably there are some best left for certain situations.

inclined to = meyli olmak
disposed to = egilimi olmak / egiliminde olmak
tend to = bakmak
gravitate to = yonelmek /doğru yonelmek is where Turks and English look for things not explained clearly in dictionaries.
June 10, 2020
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