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Hello everybody, I have a question about the use of "have to" form:
Often I see written "He to share the document" instead of "He has to share the document".
Is it correct as well? I know that the modal verbs cannot be abbreviated but now I'm no so sure.
Thanks for the help.
Jun 10, 2020 11:18 AM
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"He has to share the document" is the correct sentence.
June 11, 2020

"He has to share the document" - This is the right way to say it. The other one is grammatically incorrect.
June 11, 2020
You're welcome! :)
June 11, 2020
Thank you very much! I' m happy to hear it
June 11, 2020
Is this something that you have seen in notes following a meeting?

Shorthand phrases such as Michael to share the document are a standard formula in the 'actions' sections of meeting minutes.

This is an abbreviation of 'Michael is to share the document' : note that this <em>is to, </em>not <em>has to.</em>

The construction <em>subject + be + to + infinitive </em>is one of the many future forms which we have in English. We use it in formal contexts to mean that this is the course of action that has been agreed.

NB You will see this abbreviated construction very often in news headlines. For example, this headline:
Prime Minister to announce new regulations next week
is the standard shorthand for:
The Prime Minister is to announce new regulations next week
-meaning that he is scheduled to do this.

I hope that helps.
June 11, 2020
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