Do you use Facebook these days, and if not, what you use?
Silly question, but i am interesting, do you use Facebook these days? After all scandals with data leakage, privacy concerns, etc? I heard that people use it less and less from day to day. And if you are not using it, what you use instead of this?

Asking just from curiosity, because not long time ago moved from my motherland to Europe (Estonia in particular), and there are bunch of groups for expats which is only on Facebook😄But, Fb doesn't love me🤪
Jun 11, 2020 11:32 PM
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Yes, I still have my Facebook account. But I haven't posted anything on it in many years, I only check it from time to time. I can't even remember when was the last time I added someone or posted a photo there.
Honestly, I think if security concerns you then you shouldn't have a profile on any social media at all. Also, remember that Facebook also owns Instagram and WhatsApp, both of which are overwhelmingly popular these days, even more than Facebook itself.
June 13, 2020
I don't update my fb profile anymore for years now. But I still use it to find events around me or to look for job.
The facebook marketplace is the thing I use the most on fb to find second hand things.
June 11, 2020

I don't use facebook anymore. But it's because I just don't like the way it is. Like, it's not a productive place and I think people is not there for sharing interesting ideas. They just want to create they bubbles and listen/watch what they want to it.

June 11, 2020
I still use it to keep in touch with some family and friends, but I'm always cognizant of the privacy risks. If I need more assurance regarding privacy, I use other platforms, such as iMessage or Signal.

Diana also has an excellent point -- it's certainly not just Facebook that is tracking / selling data / etc.

June 12, 2020
Your Internet activity is being tracked no matter what you do and where you go; it just so happened that the scandal was formed around Facebook.

Personally I use it to find events I might be interested in, and to keep in touch with certain people because that's the easiest way to do so. There are also a ton of other platforms, however. It's all about what suits you best.
June 12, 2020
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