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Hello everyone are you learning Urdu? I made a YouTube channel for the A1-C1 level students. In this video, I discuss how to tell your routines in Urdu while using present simple tense.
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Can you share your routine using Present Simple Tense in Urdu?
آپ آجکل کیا کرتے ہیں ؟
Ap ajkl kia krte hain?
آپکےملک میں کیسےحالات ہیں؟
Apke mulk may kese halat hain?
اس وائرس نےآپکی دماغی صحت کوکیسےمتاثرکیاہے؟
Is virus ne apki dmaghi sihat ko kese mutasir kia he?
I know not a lot of Urdu learners see the discussion board so it is fine if I don't get replies. If you have any questions about Urdu please let me know.
Jun 12, 2020 6:51 PM
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Glad to hear that <3
December 26, 2020
I love your Urdu channel. Thats why Im here ☺️
December 26, 2020
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