How do you complete this story?
Every story begins with "once upon a time " or something like this ,but you don't wanna read these sentences any more.This story is about a young girl named Sarah.Sarah lives in an old cottage with her grandpa.The cottage placed in middle of forest.She moved there since her parents were killed in an air crash. Tomorrow, she is celebrating her 15th birthday with her school friends.John is invited too.Who is John?!He lives near the grandpa's cottage with his parents.Sarah wanted to pick some mushrooms for since she wanted to cook mushroom soup for her celebration.Then he asked John for come with her to do it.
After a while ,they arrived to mushrooms ,and they started to pick them.When they were picking mushrooms, Sarah saw a huge shadow, and he knew her grandpa was in the town to buy somethings for celebration.When she turned back her head, she started to scream...

What did she see?Complete this story ,please.I want to read your ideas.You can continue it in comedy or horrible or any genre you want.
Jun 15, 2020 6:09 PM
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