Need some advice to improve my english
Hi,my name is Sara, I´m trying to improve my english and I have a lot of trouble when I try to speak. Can anybody give me some advice or help me to improve?
Thank you.
Jun 15, 2020 8:42 PM
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Hi Sara!. I would like to improve my english too!. I believe that the best way to improve is speaking a lot. Would you like to practice together?
June 15, 2020
Hi Sara
Best way to improve your english skills is to watch British tv,with a good Vpn you can watch for example BBC player( you can also watch with british subtitles.
June 15, 2020
The main point is that, you need to think in english.
Don't translate english from your language .
June 16, 2020
Think a little before speaking . Talk in small sentences and don't be afraid to make mistakes . If interested you can message me your Skype ID and we can talk.
June 16, 2020
Hello yes I can help you, what is your Skype?

June 16, 2020
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