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First lesson with ITALKI
Hi im having my first lesson with ITALKI tomorrow (trial) and im wondering if the community has any tips for me.
Also it would be cool if everyone shares how their first lesson went. Thx in advance
Jun 15, 2020 10:43 PM
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great phil i actually just finished my 4th lesson
June 23, 2020
There are a few phrases in your target language that you should have handy, either memorized on the tip of your tongue, or on a “cheat-sheet” (perhaps a text file on your computer). If you don’t know them now, then you can ask your teacher at the start of the lesson. Using these phrases will enable you to stay in your target language even if you run into issues:

Could you please repeat that?

Please don’t speak to me in English.

Could you please say that in another way?

Could you please speak a little more slowly?

June 16, 2020
Try to talk as much as possible! As a tutor i can tell you that lessons aren't much fun when you're having a very one-sided conversation. That's really it though, apart from that, just try to have fun
June 15, 2020
thanks everyone you are all really helpful
June 16, 2020
What Johannes said. It’s okay to be nervous, but try not to let your nerves keep you from talking (and/or doing the other exercises or activities in your lesson). Mistakes are a sign that you are speaking enough to make them, and they are info to help you and your teacher know what needs to be explained or corrected.

June 16, 2020
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