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What will happen to the world if everyone thinks the same way?
Jun 16, 2020 2:05 PM
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What a discussion!
Florian you love taking things personally and make it sound so extreme. Italki told you so to take it easy and you have just done the opposite. It`s always your opinion vs others.Try finding a balance instead of making a big deal of small things. Keep doing what you do without any expectations. From what you have written looks like you did it only for the "community" and now you are disappointed so much that you want to hurt us with no more writing "thought provoking posts". I am pretty sure no one will even notice. Maybe this is your wake up call and you could have done a "business"(as you said) out of so many posts and it isn`t late to do so.
Let it go, forget about it and keep doing what you do.
June 16, 2020
I am not sure which one is worse.
Being toxic and not knowing it or knowing it and not doing something about it.
June 17, 2020
Florian, I don't have angst against you, I am disappointed that your first response to being called out is to lie about what you said, and destroy the evidence.

But if I may offer a little advice, I think your problem lies in thinking of all the other italki users as one entity, rather than many many individuals.

Clearly a lot of people enjoyed your writing, and a lot of others were offended by some items.
We are not all the same as each other any more than any of us are the same as you.
We didn't all complain.
We aren't all intellectuals.
We aren't all simple minded.
We aren't all anything much except human.

If you are going to do more than the basics then you will have fans and detractors. You'll need to accept and live with that, or bring yourself down to the most basic level to avoid it.
I suspect from what others have posted here that you are better than that.
Maybe give it a day or so and then get back to what you do, being careful to avoid insults and generalisations, and try to grow a thicker skin for your own peace of mind.

June 16, 2020
Well Florian, here is something that really disappoints me.

You did say "you all have simple minds"
You did say it in caps lock "YOU ALL HAVE SIMPLE MINDS"
And you did highlight it in yellow "YOU ALL HAVE SIMPLE MINDS"

So what dissappoints me is that once I mentioned that it wasn't a good thing to say, <s>you reconsidered, you reread what you had written and changed it to be less offensive, and apologised </s> you edited your post to take out the whole 3 lines of capslock yellow insult and then wrote that you had never said it.

Now that's a whole lot of disappointment.
June 16, 2020
I empathise with your frustration, Florian, both about the influx of downvotes and the telling off for "complex content", and find both unwarranted and sad.

I also find your lashing out at people here who felt offended by your unwarranted generalisations completely uncalled for, and think that this amount of feedback you've been given ought to trigger at least some form of introspection, rather than an ongoing tirade of accusations that subsequently get edited (to whatever end, I have no time or means to try an keep track of all the goings-on and stash a history of posts).
June 17, 2020
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