this is not a dating platform
It was kinda joke to attract more friends. So, apologies for those who commented sincerely
Jun 17, 2020 9:42 AM
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Obviously, every woman's dream is to marry a 19 year old man from Turkmenistan! Please don't get mad at these women! You are just so irresistible that they just cannot control themselves!
June 17, 2020
We have this complaints every week on this website. Most probably you weren't contacted by hopeful women in search for true love but by scammers. The best strategy when you receive inappropriate messages: block and report. Don't give out your contact details before you're sure that the other person is trustworthy. If the other person is asking for money: block and report.

As you are studying Japanese, it might be better for you to look for male language partners. The way men and women talk in Japan is quite distinct. Therefore men who only learn Japanese from women, sometimes sound a bit effeminate to the Japanese ear.
June 17, 2020
I'm sorry if it seemed that I disagreed, Ashyr, I really don't.

This is not a dating site and should not be used as one. It was just the way you started with "especially, ladies" :D

It was funny, and clearly arose from you being a man rather than from it being more ok for men than women to use italki as a dating site.

I intended to poke gentle fun at it to bring to your attention to this. I hope I did not offend you, as I certainly didn't mean to.
June 17, 2020
Italki, the new Tinder hahaha
June 17, 2020
In all seriousness, no one should feel uncomfortable on a site like this where all they want to do is have fun learning languages. However, I can appreciate the satire in this topic if there is satire intended. :)
June 17, 2020
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