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Most spoken language in your country
What language is spoken the most in your country ? My country has 11 Official languages, I think the most spoken is Zulu.
Jun 17, 2020 4:48 PM
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I'm from Germany. The only official language in the whole country is High German. But depending on the region there are additional regional official and acknowledged minority languages, i.e. Low German, Danish, North Frisian, Saterland Frisian, Upper Sorbian, Lower Sorbian and Romani. The most common immigrant language is Turkish and the most common foreign language learnt at school is English.
June 17, 2020
Hindi. Almost 95% of Indian knows Hindi. Which means in 130cr population , 128cr people knows Hindi
June 17, 2020
English in the UK both British and also a sort of Hybrid American-British English. where so many supposed American words are now used and many people forget where they were originally meant to originate from they speak hollywood without realising..

The other official languages are variants of celtic and germanic for the various regions the three devolved states and the republic of Ireland. Wales Scotland IRELAND[the republic] Northern Ireland.
and also the many multicultural areas will have speakers representing the multicultural area.
And German always remaining high as a language spoken by germans amongst their own communities.
Although it is only tourists you will hear speaking germanic languages on the street.
June 17, 2020
In Canada, English and French are the two official languages. This means all of our government communications are in both languages, and we will find products in stores that have labels written in both English and French. Depending on where you live, residents will have access to at least one radio or TV station in English and French. However, when it comes to how many speakers there are, the numbers will show that there are actually more English-speakers than French.

Most school districts will educate children to learn French or English, depending on what region they live in. English speaking children will have a French program / French children will have an English program.

We also have dozens of other European and Asian languages acceptably spoken. In a few communities, some municipal property may include a language that is widely spoken in that area. For example, Vancouver's Chinatown has street names in English and Chinese. In south Vancouver, some street signs are in English and Punjabi. But this is because a city like Vancouver is very multicultural.

Also, Canada has hundreds of indigenous languages. They are mainly used within their respective territories, however English or French will usually dominate over these languages. Some territories are struggling to keep their languages alive, and others are taking initiatives to make sure their language is included in their communities. We have one indigenous-themed TV station (APTN) that broadcasts in English. However, some programs are in Cree, which is one of the most widely-spoken indigenous languages in Canada. This station may also show some films in various other indigenous languages but they will include English subtitles.
June 17, 2020
I'm from Israel so the most spoken language here is Hebrew. The second most spoken is Arabic. English is also a well known here and also Russian because there many people that immigrated from Russia.
June 17, 2020
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