Hans Levi
Waste around the world

1 How does your country deal with waste?
2 What kind of initiative have a lot of success cutting down garbage in your nation?
3 How do you see the management of waste in 50 years?

Nowadays, there are a lot of waste in the world, every day millions of tons were floating in the oceans and others are thrown to open sky rising pollution levels and creating diseases. Also, we are wasting our scarce resources rapidly.

I think that the governments need to create systems and policies that can cut out garbage, they need to give off a message of responsibility dealing with pollution problems. They should create a system of “carrots and
sticks” that could punish and reward people for recycling and reducing their waste.

Finally,I believe that in the future enterprises will have the incentive to use waste as cheap raw material to earn more money. In addition, the governments could benefit for the management of garbage. We will see more kind of products that steam from waste like energy, fuel resources and new plastics. Additionally, natural resources are scarce, so people will call for being more minimalist and conscious of their waste, if humanity doesn’t
face up to the true the world could get rid of us.

Jun 17, 2020 8:27 PM
Hans Levi
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