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What is your favorite ice cream flavor?
I couldn't eat ice cream for almost three years because of health issues. This week I bought myself three flavors of ice cream - vanilla, chocolate, and tiramisu. After eating some of it, I realized the crucial importance of ice cream in human life.

Do you share my opinion, and what is your favorite ice cream flavor?
Jun 18, 2020 11:49 AM
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Kalina, I’m glad you were able to have ice cream after 3 years! That means you no longer have these health issues and it’s safe for you to enjoy ice cream again 🍀
Yes, I share your opinion! I had a dream in my childhood; to live in a house made of ice cream so that I can have as much ice cream as I wish! Later on in life my dream switched to have that house made of cheese 😂

I really like kulfi ice cream in pistachio flavor! It reminds me of my childhood and I miss it in Jordan because it’s hard to find any where. I usually look for it when visiting the GCC countries where there are large Indian communities because It’s an Indian-flavor ice cream that is even considered a dessert in India. Once you taste it you would never forget it!
I also love berries ice creams especially raspberry flavor. The sourness of raspberries makes it one of the best things I could ever taste!
Finally our Arabic ice cream which is basically vanilla flavor with pistachio is seriously irresistible especially with the mastic flavor! 🤤
June 22, 2020
Call me special but I like Onion & potato
June 22, 2020
Hi Kalina, what a cool discussion topic and specially as we are entering the summer and icecream season in Europe and in many parts of the world...
Spain has amazng artesan icecream parlours and a wide range of tempting flavours. Some of my favourites are aftereight (mint with chocolate chip), rum and raisin, lemon sorbet, apricot sorbet, vanilla, coconut, chocolate chip, and blackberry...there's another one called '"leche merengada" in Spanish, which I don't think translates into English. It is a combination of cinnemon, lemon zest, milk, sugar, and egg whites.
June 18, 2020
I also have same condition that doctor forbid me to eat Ice-cream😓. But I never wait for 3 years😅.
My favourite flavour is Vanilla and Chocolate😋😋
June 18, 2020
It's hard to decide. I love all flavors except fruit flavors. And I can say I am crazy about Ben & Jerry's ice creams. All the flavors I have tried are delicious.
June 18, 2020
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