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"الكلمة "صوت
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I have yet, another strange and random question about the word صوت. In English, we have two distinct words that صوت can be translated to, namely "sound" and "voice". Is there any other word apart from صوت that could express "voice" or "sound" or is صوت the only one?
For example, if I said:
هذا الرجل صوته عميق
This man has a deep "voice". Or This man's "voice" is deep.
سمعت صوت إطلاق النار
I heard the "sound" of gunfire.
صوت is used in both instances but has different meanings in English.
Jun 18, 2020 5:26 PM
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I would say it’s the same meaning but there might be a slight different of the meaning depends on the text or if there’s a preposition. 

voice/sound meanings:
<ol><li>such as “ صوّت ل “ literally means  “vote for “ or to call someone’s name.</li><li>Such as “رأي"  his opinion. </li><li>Such as  “اللّحن" means melody, tune, rhythm or any musical sound. </li></ol>

I hope it’s not confusing .. more of advance vocabulary for voice/sound. 

June 18, 2020
Haha, I'm glad that I'm not the only one. I'm almost 100% certain that صوت is used for both "voice" and "sound" in Arabic as Mohammad mentioned above. It can also have the meaning of "a vote". My problem is that I suffer from Arabic related OCD, so there are times I'll just be going about my day, and random Arabic related thoughts pop up in my head.
June 18, 2020
كلمة صوت تُستعمل للدلالة على كلا المعنيين في العربيّة
sound & voice
June 18, 2020
I've been wondering the same exact thing!
June 18, 2020
ألف شكر يا سيدي
June 18, 2020
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