Gustavo Lacerda
Looking for native German speaker, in exchange for Portuguese or English or basic Dutch
My German is at level B2/C1.

My native language is Portuguese (Northeast Brazilian), but I've spent the majority of my life in English-speaking countries, so I'm most fluent in English.

I like to use Skype or Google Chat.
Jun 20, 2020 8:05 AM
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Hallo Zusammen ,

meine Freunde und ich haben eine Gruppe in *Telegram* und wir trainieren und sprechen dort auf Deutsch. Wir freuen uns, Sie dort zu sehen und kennenzulernen.

Wenn Sie in unserer Gruppe beitreten möchten, geben Sie mir bitte unter der ID ( fruehlingn_9 ) Bescheid.

Dann gebe ich Ihnen den Link unserer Gruppe

Die Voraussetzung:

"Sie sollen mindestens in Stufe B1 und aktiv sein."
June 23, 2020
I am a native speaker of German and I'd like to learn some basic Portuguese.

At the moment I can't promise regular meetings, but I do have some free time today!
June 20, 2020
Hi, I'd like speak with you in German and English.
June 20, 2020
Thanks everyone!

@Ann D, I don't know how to message you. Can you message me?
June 23, 2020
Hi Gustavo!

I am trying to improve my German at the moment, my level is somewhere between B1 and B2. I studied it at the University some time ago, and my level was B2-C1 at the time, but I didn't use it for a long time, so my German skills worsened.
We may practise German together, if you want. It seems that your level is higher than mine, though, so perhaps for you it won't be that interesting. But we can try, what do you think? Message me if you are interested.
June 20, 2020
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