Comment 1: “HaHa... Forget #Covid-19_ CHANEL price hike is the bigger threat for some”
Comment 2: “Priorities, priorities. Who cares about g etting sick if I can save 2% on a bag”

Yup, that is some comment I seen of foreign friend. They seems being ridicule?
Today I read an article with subject: Korean lined up from 5am just buy Chanel. Besides, have an article encourage everyone should be buy it as soon as possible because in the next time maybe Chanel will raise 4-17% percent all items in the world?

My goal is not find fault with Korean or Chanel or anyone else, I just think that should or should’s? You guys know Beijing, Seoul are being occur virus again now

So let me know how about your think it?
Hope the best thing with you guys now.
Jun 20, 2020 11:45 AM
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