Aakash Rajani
Looking for an English speaking patner as well as a friend
Hey there
My name is Aakash Rajani I am from India I am looking for an English speaking partner with whom I can be friends as well it's very important to have that emotional contact as well this is what I think if anyone is interested please please comment down below or you can directly message me as well I'll be giving you my contact details thank you so much for your time and you have a wonderful day ahead
Jun 20, 2020 7:46 PM
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Hi I want to practice my English skill too 😊
June 20, 2020
July 25, 2020
dont answer my comment because i wont get a notification , i wont know that you answered it. Just send me a friend request or send me a message
June 21, 2020
Hi, im Nenad from Europe

I have a very strong US accent , if you love talking and making friends , please send me message and i will give you my contact info.

Looking forward talking with you,

Best regards,

June 21, 2020
Uswatun khasanah I have sent you a message
June 20, 2020
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