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What is your favorite Italian recipe and why? ;)
Ciao a tutti! :) I’m <em>Chiara</em>, professional Italian teacher here on Italki.
One of my favorite Italian recipes is “Gâteau (or Gattò) di patate<em>”</em>.
This is a tasty traditional Neapolitan dish, I could say a sort of potato cake with an heart of melted Mozzarella/Provola and wrapped with crispy breadcrumbs. It can be served both as a starter or as single course… my advice is to simpy try it out for yourself!
<em>Here you can find the recipe in Italian (you can activate subtitles and translation in your language):</em>
 <em>And you? What is your favourite Italian recipe and why?</em>
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I’m looking forward to meeting you and teaching you Italian here on Italki!
Ciao ciao! 😊
Jun 22, 2020 11:40 AM
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Hello, I wanna be your friend. Could you give me your skype?
June 23, 2020
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