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English grammar
Should I have to learn it?
can I change another way? I really hate study from books it’s boring and easy forget.
Jun 22, 2020 2:21 PM
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Some might say that you don’t need to study grammar to be a fluent speaker and that all you need is an extended period of exposure to the language - but I personally can’t help but doubt the idea. One may learn a variety of expressions and communicate their ideas in one way or another, but the issue here must be the degree of precision. Even grammatically correct sentences can lead to misunderstandings, so it’s no wonder that grammatically inappropriate sentences can produce a number of them, rather unnecessarily.

Studying grammar is not everyone’s cup of tea and I understand your struggle as a fellow learner. Think of grammar as essential building blocks. Plus, sometimes grammatical rules can give you a new insight and perspective regarding the phrases you already know.
June 22, 2020
Try the Cambridge English in Use Google play store app. It's a fun and interactive way of practising your grammar!
June 23, 2020
Linda, Gyeong-ryeong Lee’s English grammar appears to be better than most native speakers (no easy task for a native Korean or Chinese speaker), so you may want to take her advice to heart. Try thinking of grammar rules as a “cheat-sheet”, a short-cut to reveal the inner workings of the language to you. Use the newly studied grammar to express yourself out loud, and then go ahead and do something fun like watching your favorite Youtube videos or whatever, as you notice how your knowledge of grammar enhances your listening comprehension. 加油!

June 23, 2020
Do I need to learn it ?
June 22, 2020
July 22, 2020
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