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Why Speaking English is Important
Conversation and speaking helps one’s grammar and vocabulary. We pay attention to how we structure our sentences and how we use the correct words and phrases to express our thoughts and emotions. By using the correct grammar and vocabulary in conversation and speaking, we achieve the main aim of conversation. Ask yourself: What do you want to express to the person you are speaking to? Do you want to express how happy, sad, frustrated, angry, dissapointed or irritated you are? These are just one of the reasons speaking is important.

A Dialogue between an employee and an employer who are disputing over punctuality.

Employer: Please explain to me why you are late for fifth time.

Employee: I’m so terribly sorry, you know how it goes – rush hour – everyone is in a state of a rush and I lost track of time this morning because I went to bed so late last night.

Employer: Same old excuse yet again. Are you aware it your turn at the customs section? I’ve had to find a substitute at the last minute and that is going to cost me money!

Employee: I’m really sorry but-

Employer: When I hired you I was under the impression you knew about company policy; that you adhere to policy at all times but lately I’ve been compromised time and time again where I’ve had to find a substitute, explain to the CEO why I’ve had to make drastic decisions. We are an air company for goodness sake! Do you know what that means?

Employee: We cannot afford to make mistakes.

Employer: Exactly. You’re giving me no choice but to give you your first written warning. Hopefully this is something that you will learn from. As from 2pm, I am going to need you to perform a clearance check at customs and we need to verify our co-ordinates for the next intake from air control. Is that clear?

Employee: Yes. And I sincerely apologize for my unacceptable behavior.

Employer: Good. Now get back to it.

Question: what do you think is happening in the transcript?
The employee is late for the fifth time. The employer was very frustrated/upset because it is costing the company money as he has to find a substitute in the last minute. The employer gave the employee his first written warning in the hopes that he won’t do it again. 

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