Can someone translate this from Korean?
A friend sent me this and I don't get it? "조금이라도 내 심기 거스 르 는건 없어야하고"
What does this mean... They tried to tease me with Korean for some reason and I have been trying to disypher their speech for a while lol
Jun 23, 2020 3:37 PM
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It’s actually not a complete sentence - it roughly means that “there should be nothing that gets on my nerves if slightly, and —“ (“고” implies that the sentence is not complete, as does the conjunction “and”) It can sound rather aggressive, if the context is not given (like teasing in your case). What seems a little odd to me, though, is that such a verb phrase (심기를 거스르다) is not often used in teasing, etc. 🤔
June 23, 2020
Oh no is it offensive? Or aggressive? sorry but this guy has made offend so many natives I swear to god (I guess I should give context. His teasing is giving me words/ phrases and telling me to translate them... so maybe that's why lol, this time it was a full essay I tried my best to translate alone but this phrase just didn't).
When I put it in a translator it said the three words "doing social unacceptable"... Is that wrong?
June 23, 2020
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